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Haha, oh man. I keep watching it and thinking "Dude this is so fucked up. That girl has Leo's face."

Really worth the wait

It's noticeable that the animation improved a lot since the last installment! :D
Awesome, great job!

It's wonderful

Oh man, this animation is really awesome. You did a hell of a job. I'm stunned, it's marvelous.
I don't know why people are complaining about the character names. "Magnum" and "Spade" aren't very original, but hell yeah. Those works well for them, I guess.
Keep it up, man!

Ps.: Magnum was all "dot Hack"-ish after a while. Cool! =D

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That was pretty fun. I'm kinda disappointed though, that wasn't difficult at all. I believe you tried to follow the steps of classic old-school shmup games like 1943, Gradius, Aero Fighters and such, but you missed the point of what made those games so hard and interesting to play, like the limited mobility, trade-offs and planning ahead factors.
The way your game is, there's not much to ponder. Difficulty increases just because there are more enemies to kill, but that doesn't make an interesting gameplay. You just upgrade your stuff, beat the enemies and save the bomb for the boss (which will pretty much kill almost every boss instantly). The bonus levels were pretty pointless too... (sadly, because boss rush challenges are a lot of fun, but then you put a sure-kill weapon there).
That being said, I might be one of those "real guys who like old style games", and it just seemed easy for me because I am very used to those diehard nerve-racking arcade/early console games. In any case I had fun, albeit honestly I was expecting more. :)

Great game, the music is awesome and the difficulty is enjoyable. Now that I finished it I've noticed that none of the medals were unlocked. And pressing Load takes me to the ending sequence, so I can't enter the Achievements screen, and I can't go back to play the two Nyx missions. Sigh...

Original, fast paced and addictive

Excellent game, very well done. I like the available songs, and the variety was pretty satisfying. I'd keep playing to get on the leaderboards, but the ridiculously high scores are quite a turn down (I wonder if I'm missing something...)
This game proves that the Tower Defense genre can still be explored in unexpected, interesting ways. 10/10

Nope, you did not. We can see your medals, silly. :)

FrozenFire responds:

Unfortunately the hacked scores are not capable Of being removed :( strive for best of the day! :)

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From all the recently released games' songs, the Corruption opening theme is by far one of my favorites... You did a great job in this rendition, it's marvelous. It certainly has some personality. Congrats!

Very great song!

That's pretty badass. I specially love the piano. My only complain is that the vocals are a bit loud, but hey, no big deal.
I'm not the biggest fan of hip hop myself, but this so deserves a 10/10.

Sounds great

Almost sounds like from Chrono Cross.
I like it, but the intro could be improved (or totally removed).
Very good job

SSJDre responds:

Thanks, now that you mention it, the intro does sound sort of like being in the future, but in Chrono Trigger, I never played Chrono Cross. Thanks though, I swear I had no idea what I was doing, I was half out of it when I completed the track.

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Bloo, get out! I'm piss!

Don't mess with the breasts

They are lovely.


Heh, I thought it was chocolate wafer.
Very cool!

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